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About the Owner

After barely surviving a harrowing mental health crisis as a teenager, I realized just how little effective advocacy was being done for youth in similar situations. So I began communicating openly about my experiences. A few years and over a hundred speaking engagements later, I was advocating for teen mental health on an international level through my handbook, support group, videos, media appearances, and thousands of one-on-one interactions.

During this journey of activism, I taught myself how to effectively market my efforts. And after discovering a true love for this work, I began working with nonprofits and small businesses whose story, mission, and product I wanted help share through digital marketing. I continued to balance advocacy and business while discovering a love for sharing all the practical knowledge I had accumulated with anyone who would listen, especially youth and college students.

In 2021, I relocated to San Francisco to advance my advocacy efforts by joining forces with PFLAG SF. Starting out as a support group member, I continued on as a board member, and soon began leading the organization as the Executive Director.

This position was a combination of everything I loved. And although the position was temporary, I continue to work closely with the organization as a board member overseeing marketing and programs.

This studio, Wild Rose Marketing, is the continuation of my passions of building beautiful and effective websites while teaching everything I know.