The Project

This logo was presented in a very clear way. “I want a logo that looks great on a jacket. Kind of like a dojo style. ” It’s always great to hear a clear direction and vision and because of that, it took just a few iterations of the logo to get where it is today. The hardest part ended up actually being the colors, which took quite a few tweaks to get just right.

Overall, I love the energy and vibrance this logo radiates.

Devin Tracy Settle Your Side Hustle Jacket
Settle Your Side Hustle Logo

The New Settle Your Side Hustle Logo

About the Designer

After barely surviving a harrowing mental health crisis as a teenager, Lilith Rose (they/them), they began communicating openly about their experiences. After 8 years and over a hundred speaking engagements later, they relocated to San Francisco in 2021 to advance their advocacy efforts by joining forces with PFLAG SF.

Starting out as a support group member, they continued on as a board member, and soon began leading the organization as the Executive Director.

Rose now runs their studio, Wild Rose Marketing, continuing their passions of building beautiful and effective websites while teaching everything they know