The Project

Like most schools, St. Therese Academy (a private Catholic middle school), had two goals:

  1. Educate the children
  2. Keep the parents happy

They had been wanting to be more active on social media, but had no one on staff who had the time or expertise to take that on. That where myself and my friend/business partner at the time stepped in.

This marked the first year since our foray together into social media strategy, and we learned a lot throughout this process…especially about marketing to parents.

We discovered very quickly that parents just wanted to see cute pictures of their kids. This makes it sound like our job became very easy, but that change in direction introduced a new wrinkle.

How do we market to prospective parents searching for a school for their young child while keeping the current parents happy?

After trial, error, and research, we discovered the happy middle ground:

We began creating content (taking pictures and video on a monthly basis) with the purpose of showcasing school values, life, and achievements through featuring students and teachers.

The great aspect of content marketing is that you can focus in on just a few aspects of the content to test, improving engagement month after month.

This strategy worked. And in tandem with a small ad spend, we were able to skyrocket their social media engagement and improve parent happiness.

About the Designer

After barely surviving a harrowing mental health crisis as a teenager, Lilith Rose (they/them), they began communicating openly about their experiences. After 8 years and over a hundred speaking engagements later, they relocated to San Francisco in 2021 to advance their advocacy efforts by joining forces with PFLAG SF.

Starting out as a support group member, they continued on as a board member, and soon began leading the organization as the Executive Director.

Rose now runs their studio, Wild Rose Marketing, continuing their passions of building beautiful and effective websites while teaching everything they know